Outdoor – Oct 1st, 2012

My little nuggets are all full of lots of energy! Along with the Casa Adulam Church from Somerset, NJ (Pastors Israel L. Cabrera and Maria M. Cabrera and their youth), and YI4C youth members (comprised of Monte Carmelo and 786 Communipaw Ave), plus some other adults, decided to drive all the way down to Manalapan, NJ to try out this new outdoor sport!

Although pretty chilly, there was no rain, so it was weather-permitting for the game! There was an awesome good group of players comprised of the three churches for this new outdoor adventure. I was excited to take some pictures, however, being that it was there first time, some of them were attacked by other team players at the beginning of the game.

YI4C had their laser guns ready and locked, along with their handy head gear (this mouse, alien-looking hat). Once the games began, they ran all over the place, hiding behind logs, laying low on the ground, and hiding behind forts. For a first time, I think they had a great time and are probably looking to practice some more.

I’ve decided to share some picture I took. Enjoy them!

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