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Keeping our eyes fixed on our Master | Written by Any Espinal | 01/03/13

The ox knows its master, the donkey its owner’s manger,but Israel does not know,my people do not understand.”  -Isaiah 1:3 (NIV)

Any playingIf an animal that is not intelligent as a human is able to recognize his owner or master. A human being who does have intelligence far greater than an animal should be able to do the same with ease. However, If we can’t recognize who our master is, when he calls us or at least where he is, then we need to start paying more attention and start listening carefully so that when He does call us we can respond. We need to start looking unto our master so we can find where He is. Even when we were not seeing him, we need to keep our eyes fixed on him so we can know where to walk to, and never take our eyes off Him because if we do then we will start looking to the left and right and lose our way to His path.


By Any Espinal ( YI4C youth)  |  Revised by Anderson Caraballo (Youth Leader)

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