Letter for the Parents

Dear Parent:

The Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries would like to thank you for allowing your child to participate with us. The committee has worked diligently to make exciting and events. We pray that your child(ren) will have an enjoyable time as we celebrate our Lord and Savior through service.

Getting through school can be like trying to solve the Rubik’s Cube, frustrating and challenging. Trying harder and then giving up. Asking for help and studying books on how to solve the crazy thing. Wait a minute; are we talking about the students or the parent’s experience?

Church involvement, more than just Sunday morning can make a difference in your son or daughter’s life. Help them make God the most important person in their life by encouraging them to get involved. Ask yourself how is your son or daughter part of a community of believers?

It’s more than Sunday morning, and Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries can be your faith.

  • It’s a place to ask questions and to learn to make decisions.
  • It’s a place to become a leader, someone who influences others for good.
  • And that’s something that can last a lifetime.

Sports, music, karate, yes even home , but  relationship with God will last forever. We thank you in advance for supporting the Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries.

Be blessed,

Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries (YI4C) Leaders

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