YI4C Staff Biographies

Nancy Arriaza

403445_285163521564786_1472036628_nNancy Arriaza (Born 23 July 1985) – She is the second youngest of 5 siblings and only daughter to  Atanacio and Miriam Arriaza and currently resides in Union City, NJ. Although her mother had just recently   accepted the Lord not so long before her birth, she decided at the age of 8 to make the profession of faith, even though she was born and raised in church (IDDPMI RE “Monte Carmelo” located in Jersey City, NJ).

At a very young age, although, introvert, she had a passion for music and singing, as well as reading and studying the Word of God. She began her leadership experience in the Children’s Ministry as President and was given the opportunity to preach her first message at a local children’s service at church.

Not only was she baptized in the waters at the age of 12, but in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking of tongues. By the time she was 16, she was working in the Council’s District Youth Staff (AJEC NJN), traveled to different churches domestically to minister through the music, preached and exposed  biblical studies at her local church and began to teach in the Sunday school, the Royal Rangers and Missionettes program.
She has been to Ecuador on missionary trips twice, currently holds a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Peters University in Economics and works at a Global Investment Bank; is finishing her Bible Institute from the Latin American Council, is the main singer of Jedidiah Ministries and is the Secretary on the Board of Directors Staff at her local church.
Her passion, aside from serving the Lord, is Praise & Worship, outreach missionary work, travel, studying the Word, and discipleship for the Youth – to lift up an Ignited generation for the Lord. For this same reason, being moved by the Spirit, with tears in her eyes, she obeyed the burning desire in her heart to start YI4C, not limiting it to her local church youth group but opening the doors to all youth to grow within fellowship and that way through the numbers make an impact in our areas and those surrounding.

Anderson Caraballo

401770_501906963176100_1433915640_nAnderson Caraballo was born in the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1985. In 1997 at the age of 11 years he immigrated with his family to the United States of America for a new life and better future. At the age of 21 he started to attend to Sunday school at a Pentecostal Church where his curiosity was awaken and started to desired a covenant with God, as they were teaching the story of Noah in Genesis 6:18. A new desired sparked in his life. Where he started to talk to God in prayer, asking him to reveal himself to him. On January 28,2007 after a missionary from South America finished preaching he could not stop crying, he was tired of his sinful life, but on that day he gave his life to Jesus Christ and was born again.

He now desired God, his word, & his presences more than anything. Within the same year he was baptized  and studied in the Mizpa Bible institute for 3 years. On February 07  2009  he married  Diana Marie Bruno who he had known for the six previous years. Two years later God Blessed him and his wife with their firstborn child, Aidan Anderson Caraballo. Currently he as well his family are attending the church: Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal MI “Monte Carmelo in Jersey City, NJ where he was the sub-treasurer of  the church from 2010 until 2012 . He is currently the Secretary on the Board of Directors Staff at his local church. He Also teaches Sunday School to the juvenile of his local church.

He recently joined under the guidance of God  with some other youth from other local churches and new ministry was sparked called Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries were he hopes to impart love, knowledge and his fire for God so the youth of today and the new generation of  tomorrow can find salvation in Christ who is our Lord and be Ignited for his Name and Glory!.

 Diana M. Caraballo

230067_490472334319563_1232718029_nOn January 8 1986  Diana M. Bruno was born at Christ Hospital in Jersey City NJ Mother known as Carmencita, Father known as Moises Bruno &  Brother known as Moses Bruno. Diana with her parents moved to Humacao Puerto Rico in 1989, attended school there up the age 13 . In 1999 she came back with her family to the United States where she finished high school in the year 2005. In the year  2004 she met Anderson Caraballo maintaining a friendship until 2008.  She married Anderson on February 7, 2009 Changing her maiden name to Diana M Caraballo. In 2011 a new family member was born Aidan Anderson Caraballo .

In the course of her life Diana was raised in church by her Christian parents, who taught her God’s Word , she developed her talent of worshiping God at a very early age, but she was missing something; accepting Jesus Christ as her lord and Savior. Which led her to abandoned church during her teens in searched for fulfillment for her life in the world.

After experiencing and a life of emptiness, the world offered her many things but her mind and heart was not at peace. In  2007 Diana accepted to never deviate from the truth and left the way of the world. Now she serves the Lord, God allowed her to be Baptized  by water and by the Holy Spirit. She studied at the Biblical Institute Mizpa in Newark for 3 years.  She is also an active member of Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal MI Monte Carmelo.  She has been a teacher of little children and currently of the youth . She has participated in different societies within her local church. By the grace of God she is actively in the music/worship ministry of her church and also started a new ministries called Youth Ignited for Christ Ministries were she assist and help coordinate with the youth their event, services & meetings. All for the Glory of God.

Damaris Guzman-Diaz

562776_4445939909460_1092448357_nDamaris Guzman-Diaz (Born 5 January 1984) – She is the second of 3 siblings and only daughter to Carlos and Maria Guzman. At the age of four, her parents made the decision to move from the island of Puerto Rico to the state of New Jersey and came to reside in Jersey City. The first thing they did as Christian parents was find a church (IDDPMI RE “Communipaw” located in Jersey City, NJ) to raise their children. Upon moving, she was placed in a bilingual school in order for her to be fluent both in English and Spanish.
At a very young age, she fell in love with praise and worship and started singing every Sunday at church with her mother. Her devotion and passion for the gospel grew throughout her adolescence and lead her to become the Church’s Youth President at the age of 16.

It was at that very age that she had an experience with GOD that would change her completely. After   suffering an injury as a child that left her with an overbite, she decided to have it repaired. On June 2, 1999, she would undergo orthognathic surgery to have the injury corrected. Upon her entering the operating room, and  having a nurse set up her IV, she began to cry, only to be told that the “true” surgeon would be the one operating and that she did not need to fear. It wasn’t until nightfall came about, that she would realize that the nurse was right. Around 8 o’clock that night, a nurse came in to check on her and stated that she had internal bleeding and that she needed to call the surgeon. Upon her exiting the room, three individuals came in and asked her mother if it was okay for them to pray for her. Being the devote Christian that she is, Maria, stated that she would not turn down a prayer. Immediately after receiving the okay from her mother, they surrounded Damaris and stated:Internal Bleeding we order you to stop! They concluded the prayer and exited the room. When the nurse returned, she noticed that the bleeding had stopped. When Damaris told her what had occurred the nurse proceeded to tell her that she was in the Intensive Care Unit and that no one had prayed for her. Not understanding what was happening, the nurse proceeded to speak to her mother in hopes that her mother would tell her she was  hallucinating. When Maria told the nurse that someone had prayed for her daughter the nurse baffled replied: “your daughter is in the I.C.U. and no one prays for her without going through me…” Such an event marked Damaris’ life in such a way that she can only say “How Great is the Lord.”
She currently works as a Social Services Coordinator and continues to work in the Youth Ministry within her church, the district Council and now with the Youth Ignited For Christ Ministries. Mark 10:49 states: Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee. She is now is devoting her time, to helping youth answer that same calling.

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