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Letter from the Founder

On September 2, 2012 I felt God tugging at my heart to walk out of my comfort zone. I had just finished telling my dear friend Damaris earlier that morning that she needed to step out of her comfort zone and now God was telling me the same thing. You see, the first youth service at my local church I had to preach about Revival. It had been such an amazing service and I felt everyone was expecting one.

However, on this Sunday morning, everyone in the congregation seemed to be whitewashing away. I had a vision that we, as the church, needed to be more active and excited for the cause of Christ. Sometimes we are just too worried about glorious services in our congregations and inviting evangelists to constantly preach anointed messages to the congregation and expect them to bring awesome prophetic words.

That is where I think lies the problem. We are called to serve. We are called, like Jesus, to be open and available to the World who actually needs Christ. As “Christ-ians” we really need to get out there (to the world) and offer them Jesus Christ as the plan of salvation. The Word says, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7).”  What can we not do in Christ, as it is written in John 14:12 that we shall do greater things?

I want a youth Ignited for Christ. Revival begins in us. It shall then seep through our Pores and penetrate everyone around us. I want life in what is now dead. I really want the ground to tremble when we walk. We can only accomplish this through real Passion for Christ! We need to pray, we need to fast, and we need to dissect the Word, Read the Word, and Live the Word.

There is a nation who has departed from God, but that does not mean that they don’t need God. We can bring God to them – through our lives, our testimonies.

This is why I am calling you out, too. Step out as the young warriors of this time. Put on your armor because we are about to embark on a long journey. It will require intense training where we will have to battle against great oppositions; the greatest one of all: ourselves (our thoughts and emotions). No one said it will be easy, but there is power in Unity and in Numbers. Put away the negativity, excuses and oppositions.

I yearn more for Christ. I want for Him to grow in me; transform me.  But I do not want to just contain Him in this clay pot of a body. I want a revolution. Do you?


 Nancy Arriaza



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