Pictures from AJEC Teen Revival 04/27/13

Pictures from AJEC Teen Revival 04/27/13

Here are some of the Pictures from the Teen Revival Event by AJEC ( for more info got to ) were our life were touched by the word and presence of God. Enjoy guys! ( Thank you Damaris for the Images) Advertisements

Pictures from 1st YI4C Service 12/28/12

Pictures from 1st YI4C Service 12/28/12

May the Lord Bless you dear reader, Enjoy the pictures of our first Ministry service. This service took place in December 28th ,2012 under the theme ” I WILL NOT TURN AWAY; EVEN IF IT COST MY LIFE” – Mathew 26:35 were we had the privilege to have as a preacher Pastor  Jose Lugo. Who spoke a […]

Video Premiered “About” – by YI4C Ministries

This Video was premiered on our first service on 12/28/12 and it summarized what our Ministry is all about. We are so thankful to our Lord for his wisdom and guidance in making this ministry a reality and more importantly Adults are being touched and the youth are coming and growing in Christ. We desired for this generation to […]

Lifehouse’s Everything Skit – by YI4C Ministries

Lifehouse’s Everything Skit – by YI4C Ministries. The Skit was done in our First Youth Ignited For Christ service on 12/28/12. Enjoy ( Like & Share) 

I will not turn away; even if it costs my life (In 2 days)

 Dear Pastor (a), leader / president of the youth and friend: May the peace, love and the anointing of God’s glory be with each of you. Please accept our sincere greetings and hugs in the love of Jesus Christ. We take this time to invite you to our first great Youth Service : under the […]

Growth a biblical teaching

Enjoy this new video from our Growth event- building our spiritual  Pillar

YI4C Ministries Promo

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